Free Auto Transport CRM Software

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software platform is critical to staying organized and managing communications with customers both potential and current. A CRM streamlines the sales process of flowing your customers through the sales funnel from leads to quotes to orders effectively and strategically. CRMs also feature lead reports so you can easily assess how well your lead providers are performing. Don’t try to get by sending your leads to and managing them with just e-mail.

Auto Transport Lead providers send leads directly to your CRM. jTracker was the leading CRM platform up until COX Automotive unfortunately and forcefully pulled the plug on it in late 2021 early 2022. Activating lead providers was seamless and fully automated with jTracker (DISCONTINUED). Nowadays, auto transport some lead providers still need to be manually activated by contacting their CRM provider. A step backwards in productivity. In most cases, activating auto transport lead providers is relatively quick. However, some CRM providers may take a WEEK or longer to get leads coming in properly. Can you afford the downtime?

Be advised, the majority of CRMs are secretly owned and operated by other brokers and auto transport lead providers. How comfortable are you with your books, data, and customer information in the hands of your competition or lead providers that may abuse that data? Read the reviews to find out who you are doing business with.

CRMs created and operated by broker

Pros: Created by a broker. Who better than a broker to develop a CRM customized for brokers needs.

Cons: Created by a broker. Let’s not sugar coat it. Most brokers can’t be trusted. There’s a significant security threat. There’s nothing to stop them from stealing your data and contacting your leads. As a matter of fact It’s become all to common. The same applies to lead providers that provide CRM service as well. They can easily resell your leads to other brokers.


Setup your own CRM.

Free Open Source CRM Providers

You can try free open source CRMs as well, however most need to be hosted, installed, configured, and maintained. You may need to hire a professional web developer and server administrator to set this up for you. The pro here is your data is indeed YOUR DATA. The main con is Open Source CRMs are DIY for the most part, and customer support often requires a fee.


More and more brokers are switching to SuiteCRM to manage their customers, and for good reasons.

  • SuiteCRM is the successor to SugarCRM. SugarCRM was the leading Open Source CRM platform for over a decade. uShip was built upon SugarCRM.
  • Fast forward to today and now BATS is a customized version of SuiteCRM.
  • Your data is your data.
  • Best of all it’s Free.

You may need to hire a developer to set it up, and setup the JSON API to generate AuthKeys for lead providers. See SuiteCRM JSON API documentation.

Paid CRMs Providers