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2.0 Stars out of 5

Owner: Nicholas Dutko
Car Shipping Carriers
Road Commander Auto Transport
Autos in Transit
MC# 761198
DOT# 2249744


Cost per lead Shared by
$2.50 5
$4.00 3

6 reviews

    I started with him for less then a week and had to pull out. He sends the leads anytime he wants with no schedule.Sucky attitude as well.He is all about the money upfront as well.

    Great lead provider. I use this company and another one for me and my 1 employee. I highly recommend Nick and his company. He is very honest, provides great leads and takes care of any situation that has come up very swiftly.

    Buying leads from a Broker… It’s a no brainer. Stay away. Unfortunately I found out too late the hard way and wasted $2,500 before I found out he was a broker. He gets first peck at the leads, then sends them to you.

      The crappy part about this review is that I have never worked with a John S. before. I looked back at all of my spreadsheets with companies that I have sold to in the last three years and I have no John S. (I haven’t even sold to anyone named John at all in over a year).

      Well, I would like to start by saying John is correct about one thing… I do have an open brokerage (Car Shipping Carriers). I keep it open because I have repeat customers and I transport about 20-30 cars a month. I mean, who is going to throw $2000 – $3000 away when it is not effecting any other facets of the business. I do NOT use any of the leads I generate for my own personal brokerage. Also, even before I sell any leads to a brokerage I explain to them that I am a broker first and have them look up by business as well. You can ask ANY of the actual brokers I sell to. I am upfront, honest and I work hard to make sure the leads are quality and brokers are making money. It just upsets me that people would leave a review when they haven’t even worked with me or my business. It is a shame that people have to stoop so low to try and put someone else down and spread lies.

    Originally when this guy first started out the leads were great. But after a while he sold to more brokers then usual. Sad because I was doing so well.

    This is owned by Nicholas Dutko, a broker. He sounds retarded on the phone or deaf. The leads were absolutely recycled baby vomit. Either bad numbers or bad email, every lead. Unacceptable.

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