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Carrier Soft

2.8 Stars out of 5

Carriersoft is a lead and CRM service provider with over a decade of experience. Carriersoft generates leads for customers wishing to move their vehicle. Carriersoft’s CRM Megabee is an all-in-one online solution featuring seamless integration, automates your communications, and helps you stay organized.

1088 BURTON DR, 4

Megabee CRM



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$1.25 10

4 reviews


    Richard at Carriersoft / Megabee and Brad are CROOKS.

    Boycott, Don’t waste your time or money on this software their software is lacking in so many ways.


    Richard at Carriersoft is the biggest CROOK, They sold me my Carriersoft version, and after a few months, it stopped working. They stopped and blocked it from their end since they had control of the backend software at hosting.

    Despite the software difficulties, lack of usability, and functionality. It’s extremely outdated, with many issues, always has bugs, and you constantly have to update the software or call them for issues.

    They won’t invest any time or money to fix all the bugs and update it to today’s high-tech software.

    CarrierSoft / Megabee is more than 20 years old outdated software with extremely idiotic settings for things that make no sense.

    Richard at carrier soft is the biggest help ive ever had. Always picks up my calls and responds to my emails. Leads are very good! Highly recommended Carrier Soft, they go above and beyond for you. They offer a very good CRM system too!

    The boys at carriersoft are easy to work with making my experience a plesent one. I hope to continue to work with Brad and his team.

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