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4.8 Stars out of 5

LeadFi is a well-known company that specializes in providing auto transport leads for companies in the transportation industry. The company offers high-quality leads that enable transportation companies to effectively expand their customer base and generate more revenue.

LeadFi is widely recognized as one of the leading companies in the industry and has been providing transportation companies with high-quality leads for years. The company has built a reputation for providing accurate and timely leads that enable its clients to easily identify and connect with potential customers.

With LeadFi leads, transportation companies can easily connect with customers who require vehicle transportation services. Due to the high quality of the leads provided by the company, companies can be assured that they will only be connected with potential customers who are genuinely interested in their services. Therefore, the chances of closing deals are significantly higher when using LeadFi’s leads, providing transportation companies with an excellent opportunity for growth.



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Cost per lead Shared by
$2.48 6
$1.98 9
$1.48 12

6 reviews

    As an auto transport company, finding quality leads is crucial to our success. We’ve tried numerous lead providers in the past, but none have been as effective as LeadFi. The quality of their auto transport leads is superb, providing us with a steady stream of qualified leads that have helped us grow our business.

    Moreover, Jason from LeadFi has been incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. He took the time to listen to our needs and offered tailored solutions that perfectly fit our business model. He responded promptly to any questions or concerns we had, making the entire experience seamless and stress-free.

    In addition to the high-quality leads and excellent customer service, LeadFi’s prices are also very reasonable. We’re thrilled with the results we’ve gotten from working with them, and highly recommend them to any auto transport company looking to grow their business. Thank you, LeadFi and Jason, for helping us take our business to the next level!

    13.4% Conversion Ratio. My best lead source after trying all the rest. Jason Figueroa was very helpful, and got me setup receiving leads right away. Definitely a win win partner.

    OUTSTANDING! My best lead provider. Closing these 7-10%. The best bang for your buck.

    These are above average. Jason Figueroa is easy to work with and helped me increase sales with some real simple tips.

    My main lead source right now. Leads are all valid and fresh unlike other providers where they’re already booked the instant you receive them which is real fishy.

    By far the best lead provider out there. Closing ratio is 6-8% consistently. Jason is knowledgeable and helpful.

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