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iMover leads specializes in internet marketing to drive leads to auto transport brokers. iMover provides brokerages with expert tips to help their business succeed.

Cristy Byers


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    Jailhouse lawyer for sure. She resells horrible leads by volume. She is very different pre-sale vs after you sign up. Look up her profile & you can see she is a morbidly obese woman who scams people from her marketing company in Redding.

    Christy never picks up her phone. She makes it seem like she is always available and just 1 phone call away and that is BS. Reloj geek on youtube swore that Christy is “Very Helpful” making her look really good when in fact she sucks!!!!!!!! Leads are horrible. I would forgive her ignoring our calls and texts if her leads were good.

    Horrible service from her company….She actually did respond ONCE but It takes a while and all she said was “I was on vacation”
    ok? so I interrupted you?
    I would think that she would have an automatic response in her email to say she is away on vacation but no…. nothing. Cristy gave us a nasty tone and short worded answers because we did not know she was away. Horrible leads…. Multiple times I have told her No Hawaii/Alaska leads…. and every other lead was an Alaska/Hawaii lead. Cristy also mentions on her website she gives refunds for fake leads
    Good luck tracking her
    DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! CRISTY “PRIDES HERSELF” ON HAVING A RESPONSIVE SERVICE…. Trust us her service is bad and quality of leads are junk.

      That is why I stopped using her before too because I had the same issue with not being able to get a hold of her. 3 weeks later when she did call me back, she said she was on a vacation too and had no service. I called over and over and emailed her to stop my leads because I could not afford them for a while and no response. Leads kept coming through and then when she did call me back wanted me to pay for all those that I had told her to stop sending. So no, I did not pay for them, and I will not pay for something that I asked her to stop sending me 3 weeks prior to that day. I will not use her again either. Funny how you had the same issue. She must use that excuse for everyone.

    We signed up for the leads with Christy as referred by our CRM software provider. Within 2-3 days, we realized, their leads are very low quality. We tried to reach Christy by email, phone call, voicemail and text so many times to cancel the leads. We were not able to reach her in a month, neither she got back to us. We thought she might have died, but she is not. Because after long time now she charged my card for all the leads she sent. Don’t even think of buying leads from this company. How bad a company be. I understand some company may not be able to provide bad quality leads, but how come they will hide not to cancel the subscription.

    Christys a whore! I hate this effete company. of course you can’t track them down because they are a bunch of scumbags!!!!

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