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Michael Sales
American Auto Shipping
Superflo Systems CRM
Auto Broker Dispacth (ABD) CRM
Transport Auto Quoter CRM


USDOT#: 3180595
MC#: 125957

17 reviews

    Everyone was right… $1 leads are for Bottom Feeders. Against my better judgement, I bought these pathetic leads from Michael Sales. I found myself in a pissing match with way too many loser fly-by-night brokers booking deals for $50 commissions or less. Seemed like I was up against 20+ brokers at a time. Closing ratio was pitiful at 0.8%.

    I disputed the charge with my credit card company and won my money back. However I can’t get back the time I wasted. Don’t end up behind the 8-ball like I did.

    I am extremely happy with ASQ’s leads . They come in consistently in real time and business has been great . They also gave me a great rebate deal that give me leads at a very competitive price . With the rebate I was able to double my leads .
    I strongly recommend calling and negotiating .

    Working with Michael’s team at ASQ has been nothing but spectacular. I receive emails from other lead providers that are priced much higher on a regular basis and from time to time I use the sample leads that they give. Nothing seems to produce better than the ASQ leads and Michael’s service is the best

    I just thought I should mention that I did end up booking Deals on Mike at ASQ’s leads he provided me with. In the end of Feb, and March (which was when most of my ship dates were for) people started to call back. They may not be the best 1 call close leads. But for pipeline they look like they might really shape up. I am an honest reviewer. I may have been a bit hot headed before because I was not seeing money coming back in from what I put out. But Mike did also refund me $92 on what was left with my contract. All in all, I am trying to make up for my previous review (which this website will not let me delete). You may not want these leads if it’s your 1st day in transport, but if you know what you are doing and you continue to follow-up they will convert. Hopefully in the end of March I can make a FINAL review. But as of this time, I am satisfied and will buy leads in the future if they continue to convert.

    UNACCEPTABLE. Auto Broker Dispatch took a WEEK to set up an email for my lead provider to send leads to. What a joke.

    BIGGEST SCAMMER IN AUTO TRANSPORT LEADS. Don’t fall for this loser and his sales tactics. His leads DO NOT CONVERT WHAT-SO-EVER.
    500 leads. 17 people answered the phone. 10 didn’t know what I was talking about. 121 fake emails. 152 fake phone numbers. ZERO CONVERSIONS. This guy is a scam. Charging back everything.

    Mike at ASQ is a scam. Has his own brokerages just do the research. Bought 500 leads. 17 people picked up the phone, 121 bad emails. 195 bad phone numbers. 0 dispatches. COMPLETELY FRAUDULENT. 2019 and still scamming hard working people out of their money.

    I fell for Mike Sales and His ASQ .50Cent leads. After being in the game so long I really don’t know how I fell for it. I guess I didn’t realize that someone was capable of producing an auto transport lead that isn’t worth buying for .01$. THEY ARE TERRIBLE. 335 leads with absolutely zero conversions. I dispatch more cars with another provider than I get people on the phone with ASQ. He told me I can’t cancel because it screws up his lead generating and it’s unfair to other people. Apparently he has people begging for more leads, LOL he is terribly wrong. NEVER EVER AGAIN MIKE SALES. I am going to put the word out on this one too. I will email every last broker from every database I can find and send them the screen shots of ASQ’s TERRIBLE LEADS.

    They don’t accept credit cards, they only take checks so you can never get your money back. The leads they give you come at night and when you call the customer, they’re already tired of other brokers calling them. I don’t recommend them. Please stay away from them.

    The leads he gives you come in delayed. When you call the customer, they’re already booked and the customer complains that 30 other brokers have already called them. I don’t recommend. Please stay away.

    What a SCAM. Michael Sales took $1,000 from us. The leads closed at 1.3%. After receiving about 200 leads my husband asked for a refund. Michael Sales told him F* YOU. Very unprofessional. Stay away from Michael Sales.

    Michael is a semi reasonable individual, multiple fellon perhaps, but certainly not dangerous. His leads however were caught, by me, going to more companies then I signed up for and that is not a good business practice. I appreciate when people are honest which is becoming more rare every day.

    horrible conversation from the beginning.
    Michael was very rude as his instructions were not clear.
    very bad customer service.

    We are with Michael sales now. But are unhappy with the quality of the leads and fighting with low ball brokers.

    We have been using Michael exclusively for the past 18 months. The thing that I like the most is the ability to reach and communicate with him when we call or send an email. He always is available when we decide to make changes, turn off an on the leads whenever we decide and gives us credit for the bad ones. Although we do not purchase a high volume, he is always there for us and fills our needs better than any other source that we have purchased from in the last four years.

    Requested payment upfront, stopped streaming leads and never refunded the money back to us.

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