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iBility Media

1.6 Stars out of 5

Ibility Media provides leads for brokers as well as BATS CRM software. Ibility allows brokers to filter leads by routes, locations, dates and other details.

Tomislav Kustura


Phone verified leads

Custom scheduling


Cost per lead Shared by
$1.75 4
$1.20 7

15 reviews

    Leads are over sold. Leads have fake names, fake phone numbers and email addresses that bounce back undeliverable.

    Worst CRM I have ever used. Someone needs their head examined for saying this is better than jtracker. It is total garbage! Total waste of your money.

    Complete scam. I reached out to resolve the issue, NO RESPONSE. I Purchased 100 leads, booked zero. The only 2 people that responded told me, they had their vehicle delivered already. Stale leads. Don’t waste your money… Omar said he’d call me back, never responded or answered.

    I’m posting a review here because honestly, there is a ton of negative feedback going around regarding Ibility media right now. Now I don’t know about the specifics and if they actually do own bats CRM or if they are in bed with ship your car now but what I can tell you is I’ve been buying leads from Tom at Ibility media for over 6 years now and he has been nothing but a decent person to me. Anytime I’ve needed to turn my leads off for emergency, he replies back within 5 minutes via text message.

    I pay a small fee on top of the normal lead price to ensure that I receive leads that are filtered within 21-day ship date. Meaning any lead I get is going to have an estimated shipping date within the next 2-3 weeks at most..

    I was born and raised in Boca raton. My last name is Kurtyka. I have literally had brokers insinuating that I am somehow the same person as Mr. Kustura, and that because he has addresses in Boca Raton as well as i, that I somehow must be involved with him…. Obviously, there are brokers out there who never had good results with Tom’s leads and for them I feel bad because like I said some of the best leads I’ve gotten in my auto transport career have been through Tom at $2 a pop.

    My name is Brenden and I own Goliath Auto Transport.

    I tried iBility Media premium for $1.75/ea. The conversion rate that he told me was not true. so i canceled. Out of 120 leads only 1 order. 0.83% conversion rate.

    More like dis-ibility. These leads are not fresh. Just about every lead I contacted was already booked by Ship Your Car Now. Found out the expensive way they’re partners.

    I work with their crm bats which I have to say it’s one of the most advanced and user friendly. But their leads are not the best. I receive their leads almost always in the middle of the night and I’m not going to pay extra to have them delivered on a schedule when I’m open. I’m pretty sure I’d get the same leads they would just hold on to them until I’m open. Not the best leads for your buck.

    Was considering changing CRMS and trying out the new ones on the market, but word is Iblity is holding their clients hostage to those who don’t want to use BATS. I’m now finding out that Ibility and BATS are one in the same company which seems like a big red flag! Holding your clients hostage is definitely very questionable business practice, especially knowing that the same company that’s selling leads, is storing data for the competition. Who is to say they aren’t selling my leads if I use their crm, or I’m buying leads from some poor broker that has no clue that their data on BATS isnt safe.

    Horrible leads. They literally just threw leads at me, wayyy more than i’d ask for. Only wanted 15/day but got over 30 and they’re mostly bad leads…wrong #’s, bad email, no/wrong name, leaving me to sift through them to find the few that were good. also on 2 different occasions they would send me leads on the weekend when I specifically asked not to leading me to believe they have no diligence. Don’t let the 100 free leads(WHICH WERE WAY BETTER QUALITY) sucker you in like they did me. Absolutely horrible.

    This company is a complete joke. All leads here are cherry-picked first by the scumbags at Ship Your Car Now who is in bed with ibility. As stated by others the leads close at 2%.

    I contacted tom to by some transport leads. The leads were not the greatest. They converted around 2-3 percent which is maybe ok for a dollar lead but not a buck and a half. I’m gonna need a little more quality that’s that.

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